How To Keep Your Kids Busy

While Cooking On The Grill

Cooking on the grill can be a lot of fun, and it’s an activity that is perfect for the summer months. Cooking out has to compete with playtime, though, so you need some tricks up your sleeve to keep them busy while you’re cooking dinner.

Perfect barbecue is all about the cooking process, thus, you need to employ all the necessary tools to ensure your meal turns out great. One of the tools you need is a smoker thermometer to determine the right temperature that you need for your meat to cook perfectly. Instead of relying on your children to do anything, let them play games, so they stay entertained and keep themselves busy until the food is ready to eat.

Teach Them About Safety While Cooking

Every child will love playing around with tongs. It is a great way to teach your kids about proper safety while cooking. Show them how to use the tongs safely, then give them their own set that they can use for cooking. They’ll feel like big kids doing this kind of work, and it’s perfect for teaching them responsibility as well as patience since this game takes some time until you can eat!

Toss a Grill Cleaning Kit in a Bucket

Fill a small bucket with a grill cleaning kit. If you have young children, this is the perfect way to keep them busy and entertained. You can even include some essential tools that they can use, too! Fill the bucket with their favorite things to play with, as well as some barbecue tools. They’ll be having so much fun playing with this that they won’t realize how much time has passed until it’s dinnertime!

Teach Them About Different Grilling Styles

You may find that you prefer gas grills, but your kids might like charcoal better. Let them choose which one they want to use by putting together the cooking equipment for each grilling style. They’ll have a blast using tongs to set up the charcoal, and they’ll learn about different types of grilling.

Teach Your Kids About Cooking Times

Molding some playdough into meat shapes works perfectly if your child isn’t old enough to help out in the kitchen yet. They can make pretend hamburgers, hot dogs, and steaks! It allows them to practice the art of cooking when they are playing with playdough, which makes it perfect if you want to keep their hands busy while you’re cooking.

Reading And Storytelling Can Be Fun

This time is perfect for reading stories together with your children; pick out books that they’ll enjoy and start right away on reading either before or after dinner if that works best for everyone involved. You can also teach your children how to tell stories of their own during this time, giving them practice in storytelling while making it fun at the same time.


Fishing Is Fun!

You can teach your children how to fish when you cook on the grill. Show them the basics, then give them rods and let them go fishing while you finish up dinner. It will help keep their hands busy, so they aren’t trying to get in the way of everything during this time. It’s also great for teaching patience if it takes some time before they catch something, which is sure to happen since this game does require some skill. If you find that they’re getting upset about having nothing after a while, tell them that patience is essential when it comes to catching fish at all.

Go Out And Play

If all else fails, you can take your kids outside for some fresh air and allow them to play with their toys or look around in nature if they’d prefer that to stay inside all the time. It is an excellent way to get a little exercise and burn off some of their energy. If this isn’t what your children want to do when you offer it, they enjoy doing it yourself since going outside can be a lot of fun! You’ll also have enough room out there for exercising too!

Keep In Mind That Family Time Is Important No Matter The Activity

Remember that spending this time with your kids is the most important thing you can do.

If any of these activities are getting in the way of doing so, drop it, think of another idea for keeping them busy while you cook with ease! Even if they aren’t happy about giving up an activity, spending some quality time together will be worth it when all is said and done.

On top of that, many of these options allow you to spend family time while allowing kids to have fun at the same time.

As always, thanks for reading, and Happy Grilling!