About The Founder

Geraldine R. Henson is a mom of three beautiful children and a businesswoman. She had a hard time finding a balance between parenting and work when she first started. That’s when Geraldine set out to discover ways to do it right and raise her kids as best as possible. Now that they’re older, she wants to be that guide to other parents.

Mission And Vision

We aim to simplify the practicality of being a good and successful parent for people worldwide. It’s vital to us because most times, we have ideas of the perfect home and the ideal child and expect them to materialize. That’s not usually what happens, and we may get disappointed. Thus, this platform offers tips and insight into real-world parenting in this age.

We envision this website as a go-to place for various parenting topics and guidance in many situations. To achieve that, we ensure that we present premium posts for our readers on this platform. We also desire a society where people understand what good parenting is. These people will be able to raise children who’re healthy and practical community members.